Frequently Asked Questions


question1-ville-rose-immobilierWho is Ville Rose Immobilier?

We are an agency specializing in furnished apartment rentals to business clients and to French and foreign students travelling to Toulouse.

question1-ville-rose-immobilierWhat services does the Ville Rose Immobilier gives to its owners?

Unlike traditional agencies that charge fees depending on the amount of the annual rent, excluding expenses for the lease, and their estimate for a total of three services (rental management, day to day management and rental insurance) that can vary between 14% and 18%

Ville Rose Immobilier offers these same three services with no agency fees or management fees on becoming your tenant.

question1-ville-rose-immobilierWhat are our criteria for selection of apartments?

-We only accept suitable apartments in the very centre of Toulouse, postal code 31000, and some in Marengo near the library of Toulouse or near the schools.

-The minimum area of 15m2 for a studio.

-We are looking for studio, T3 (2 Bedroom), T4 (3 Bedroom) and T5 (4 Bedroom) apartments

-The apartments must be in a very good condition generally furnished or empty with a minimum

equipment such as the fridge and electric hob, with certificate safety standards for heating and  electrical.

-The accommodation must be available for a minimum of 12 months exclusively and continuously.

question1-ville-rose-immobilierWhat, how and when will I get paid?

Ville Rose Immobilier will pay your rental by bank transfer between the 5th and 10th of each month, the date to be agreed with the owner.

question1-ville-rose-immobilierWhat type of lease we sign and for how long?

After having furnished your apartment, if it is unfurnished, we sign a lease for a furnished apartment for a period of one year, automatically renewable.

question1-ville-rose-immobilierHow do I report my rent to the Treasury?

You get tax benefits as your rental income is from a furnished apartment.

The furnished rental involves a change in tax status, because the owners rents are taxed according to the rules on industrial and commercial profits (BIC) and not under the land revenue.

The treasury will automatically apply an allowance of 50%, which will reduce your tax basis by half for revenues not exceeding 32,600 Euros, beyond this limit and if the costs are high, the system REAL benefit applies.

However, taxation of rental income depends on the tax situation of each owner. This is why we advise you to turn to the tax department, accountant or tax advisor.


question1-ville-rose-immobilierWhat type of insurance is required to rent my apartment furnished?

The owner must take appropriate home-owner insurance with an insurer. This is obligatory.
question1-ville-rose-immobilierWhat are the advantages of renting furnished versus unfurnished rentals?

-Freedom: The lease is established for one year, renewable, (while the unfurnished rentals imply

a 3-year lease), which allows the owners to dispose of their (s) property (s) sooner if required.

-Significant tax benefits, as income from renting furnished accommodation can receive a tax

reduction of 50%, which allows you not to be taxed on 50% of your rental income.