Why choose us ?

Today the property letting market is an increasingly complex area,

which is why Ville Rose Immobilier has adapted to the demand

by developing furnished accommodation and flat share.

While adapting to tenants needs Ville Rose Immobilier has not forgotten the owners!

You do not live in Toulouse or you do not have the time or inclination to manage your property?


Ville Rose Immobilier takes care of everything!

We offer you a unique and very attractive solution with

no agency fees or management fees:

Ville Rose Immobilier  becomes your tenant!


With your permission we sublet your property, we handle the administration and we guarantee the payment of your rent, even if your housing is not occupied for the duration of the contract.

We offer you a personal service, thus saving you all the hassle of the day-to-day management of your property, we provide full administrative and accounting tasks and we assure you of fulfilment of all our obligations as a tenant.


Main reasons for choosing Ville Rose Immobilier:

-No agency fees or management fees

-Peace of mind and security

-Zero-risk of unpaid rent and vacation rental

-Freedom to dispose of your property with leases of one year

-Attractive taxation

-Only one contact to deal with


By becoming your tenant, Ville Rose Immobilier takes care of everything and you?

You have no worries!


Our service includes:

Rental services:

-Publication of adverts

-Find prospective tenants

-Perform property checks

-File Constitution, tenants records etc

-Credit check the prospective tenant

-Drafting of lease

-Writing of property inventory

-Inventory of furniture, fixtures and fittings

-Giving Keys to tenant


Property rental management:

-Receipt and collection of rents, charges and taxes

-Review and rent increases if necessary

-Management of tenants leaving

-Perform adjustments with ref to services, i.e. water, electric etc

-Pre-litigation legal representation, litigation

-Lease Renewal


The Rent Arrears insurance and vacation rental

Monitoring rental insurance and relationships with insurers in the event of a claim,

-Repair Tracking

-Follow up work

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