Other Services

Ville Rose Immobilier  offers in addition to the yearly rental agrements, assistance to try and help with any problems that may arise during your stay 

The advantages for you are : 

Saving time,

Installation cost optimized

Assistance from a bilingual mentor

Security and ease of payments




Insurance and civil liability insurance


Insurance is compulsory if you are a tenant in France. This means that you are liable for the cost of 

any damage or repairs during your stay and the owner must be compensated. Your home insurance 

covers you in case of fire and water damage within the terms of the contract. This insurance also 

includes liability insurance (mandatory at the university) which covers you for damage caused to others (but is not car insurance or insurance covering certain sports) Included Free 


Student bank account


All students must have a bank account in France. Ville Rose Immobilier will help you open a bank account through our partnership with Banque Courtois upon your arrival in Toulouse.

This allows you to have all the services of a national bank and a cheque book and credit card ready for when you arrive. Assistance Free


Housing assistance-CAF

Any student, French or foreign, can receive housing assistance based on their personal income.

Ville Rose Immobilier helps you to fill in the application forms of APL (personal assisted housing) and forward your application to the CAF. Assistance Free 





Renting a flat screen TV

You can rent a flat screen TV from Ville Rose Immobilier from 25€ per month. A security deposit will be required which will be returned at the same time as your housing deposit .

If you require a TV please mention it to your Ville Rose Immobilier advisor. 



sabanasKit Linen

Ville Rose Immobilier can offer you a linen kit consisting of sheets, duvet, duvet cover, pillowcases, bath mat, towel and kitchen towel for 150€. 

If you require this service please mention it to your Ville Rose Immobilier advisor. 


Assistance Pack

‘Moving to Toulouse made easy’ 

160 € 



1.Health Insurance : Making the best choice for your Student Social Security 

In France, social security is compulsory for every student. Registration is done at the same time as 

the university registration. This insurance ensures you a partial refund of your health care costs : 

doctors, dentists, examinations, medicines, dental, optical and hospitals etc. 

Two agencies offer this service : LMDE and Vittavi. 

Ville Rose Immobilier assist you and tells you in French, English and Spanish the different health 

formulas on the french market and the payment details. We help you to choose a doctor, to prepare 

all the neccesary papers and complete the registration forms. 

You must be under 28 years to access the Student Social Security, unless you are registered as a PHD student. European students holding a European Health Insurance card do not have to perform this step. 

2. Choosing your Complimentary Health Insurance. 

Ville Rose Immobilier recommends that you take out a complimentary health insurance, we will explain the importance of it and show you the different options available. 

We strongly recommend that you join a complimentary health insurance ! This will allow you to get full repayment for your care ! We will help you to complete the neccesary application forms and arrange a payment method. 

3. The Student Residence Permit – La carte de sejour 

Ville Rose Immobilier will advise you in the process of obtaining your first student residence permit. 

We will help you complete the application form to arrange your medical visit.