Frequently Asked Questions


question1-ville-rose-immobilierHow to Apply for a lease? 

You can complete the online booking form and send us your rental application free and without obligation. One of our advisors will respond within 24 hours and will be your main contact throughout your tenancy.

question1-ville-rose-immobilierAvailability of apartments, are they updated regularly? 

The site is updated daily, an email will be sent to confirm your reservation.

question1-ville-rose-immobilierWhat is the procedure for booking an apartment? 

1.Select the apartment you want.

2.Fill in and send us your rental application form.

3.One of our advisors will check the availability of the desired accommodation and will send you a confirmation email and the list of documents that you need to provide.

4.In order to book the accommodation desired, we will ask you to pay  the booking deposit !!!

5.As soon as we receive the booking deposit, we will  send you the invoice by mail. The day on the check in to the apartment we will sign the lease together and you will have to complete  the payment procedure.

question1-ville-rose-immobilierPrices relate to people or apartments ? 

The price corresponds to the apartment and not the number of people in it.

question1-ville-rose-immobilierWho are our main customers? 

Our customers are mainly international and reasons to stay vary: students, tourists, business executives, professionals on secondment and change of family situations etc..

question1-ville-rose-immobilierWhat if you want to extend your rental time once in Toulouse? 

Simply contact us by phone or email to ensure that the apartment is available, if this is the case we will issue a new lease.

question1-ville-rose-immobilierWhich are the payment terms? 

Payment in Euros. We accept: Paypal, Bank Transfer, Cheque and cash.

question1-ville-rose-immobilierWhat are the payment terms and deposits ?

Amount of Deposit required when you book your apartment 

For rentals of 30 nights or less: Deposit equal to 50% of total rent

For rentals of 31 nights or more: Deposit equal to 50% of the first month’s rent

When the Balance of the rent is required 

For rentals of 30 nights or less: Total balance of the rent to be paid on delivery of the keys and entering the apartment.

For rentals of 31 nights or more: Balance of the first month’s rent to paid on delivery of the keys and entering the apartment. The rent for the following contracted month(s) to be paid monthly on the anniversary of the original entry date.

Amount of security deposit 

30 rental days or less: The amount of security deposit € 350.

31 rental days or more: The amount of security deposit € 500.

The security deposit to be paid no later than the date of entry into the property by bank transfer, cash or cheque.

question1-ville-rose-immobilierWhat is the security deposit? 

The deposit is used to cover any repairs, replacements or cleaning that may be required after the departure of the tenant. The deposit should not be considered a part payment of rent.

question1-ville-rose-immobilierWhen and how is the security deposit returned? 

If no damage is found, the inventory is complete and the apartment is in a clean condition, the deposit cheque will be returned no later than 10 days after the date of your departure.

If the conditions above are not met, the balance of the deposit will be refunded, after deduction of any necessary expenses required, within a maximum period of two months after your departure.

question1-ville-rose-immobilierWhat reasons can cause the deposit not to be returned in full? 

Any actions not allowing the return of the apartment in the same condition as when the tenancy started: broken dishes, TV, Hi-fi damaged, destroyed furniture, walls and upholstery soiled or damaged, broken glass and mirrors, paintings or decorative items broken or missing, stained or fire damaged furniture and fittings, stained or broken household items, linens and towels absent personal belongings of the tenant not removed, ect.

question1-ville-rose-immobilierArrival and Departure arrangements ? 


You will be welcomed by one of our advisors at the apartment. Arrivals times are usually arranged between 14.00 and 18.00. If the apartment is not occupied the night before we may be able to arrange arrival before 14.00. We need you to tell us as soon as possible, in advance, the time of your arrival. Arrivals outside these hours, or on Sundays and Public holidays, can be arranged for a supplement fee.

Late Arrivals :

In case of late arrival, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible. Any delay greater than one hour that is not notified will be charged at 20€.


These are usually held between 09.00 and 11.00 from monday to saturday. If you must leave before 09.00 a supplement will be charged. In the event that the apartment is not occupied the next night we may be able, by arrangement, to offer you the opportunity to stay in the premises until 15.00. We need you to tell us as soon as possible, in advance, the time of your departure. Departures outside these hours, or on Sundays and Public holidays, can be arranged for a supplement fee

Late Departures:

Any delay or failure to leave the apartment by more than one hour of the arranged time will be charged at 20€ per hour

Check with your Ville Rose Immobilier’s advisor!

question1-ville-rose-immobilierWho will be present at the handover of the keys? 

Your Ville Rose Immobilier’s advisor will welcome you at the apartment at the time agreed, by previous arrangement. Together you will agree the status of the property and the inventory of the furniture and equipment

question1-ville-rose-immobilierWhat can the premises be used for? 

The apartment is rented exclusively as a temporary residence for recreational use. It can not be the main or even secondary residence and the tenant may not engage in any business, craft or other profession.

question1-ville-rose-immobilierIs smoking allowed in the apartments?

All our apartments are non-smoking.

question1-ville-rose-immobilierAre pets allowed?

Unfortunately pets are not allowed in most of our apartments. If you do wish to come with your pet please notify us so that we can offer you a suitable tenancy if available. Please note that an anti-rabies certificate will be required. Charged at €2 per pet per day, minium €15

question1-ville-rose-immobilierIs linen provided in the apartment?

All our apartments are fully furnished and equipped. The facilities provided are listed in the description and inventry of each apartment. We provide, free of charge, an arrival kit of home products (soap, sponges, toilet paper.)

The linen is provided by us (sheets, pillowcases, bath mat, hand towel, kitchen towel). If required more frequent changes can be arranged. See section: Renewal of Linen

question1-ville-rose-immobilierTelephone is  included in the rent?

Most of our apartments are equipped with a telephone line, you can have access to the telephone for 4€ per day plus the cost of your calls (see price list for telephone calls).

Please mention when you book with your Ville Rose Immobilier’s advisor!

question1-ville-rose-immobilierTelephone and television, are they included in the rent?

Yes, All our apartments are equipped with a TV.

question1-ville-rose-immobilierInternet is it included in the rent? 

Yes, Internet is included in the rent .

question1-ville-rose-immobilierPlease explain what your rental rates include? 

Our rates include all taxes and charges relating to the apartment,( TV,linen, local taxes and personalized welcome) and normal consumption of water, gas, electricity.)

On all rentals, telephone  if required, will be charged extra

We do not charge any agency fees!

question1-ville-rose-immobilierPlease explain the consumption of gas, electricity and water? 

For all rentals  normal consumption of gas and electricity (see Note) is included.

In the event of unusually high consumption the excess will be charged to you, at the rate applied by the water, electricity and gas companies, on the basis of the meter readings on the day of departure.

Note ; Normal consumption. Gas allowance ; per day for the apartment

Electricity allowance ; 10 Kwh per day per personne for the apartment

Water allowance : 1m3 per person per day per personne for the apartment

question1-ville-rose-immobilierWhat are the additional costs to be expected? 

For international bank transfer, you will have to pay bank charges.

A tax is collected by the municipalities, calculated on the basis of 0.44 € per person per day, it is to add to the rent. 

question1-ville-rose-immobilierCan I cook in the apartment? 

Of course! All our apartments are equipped with the necessary equipment.

question1-ville-rose-immobilierHow must the apartment be returned ? 

The accommodation must be returned in the state of cleanliness in which it was received with the exception of linen (sheets and towels do not need to be cleaned by yourself).

If you do not want to clean the apartment when departing, Ville Rose Immobilier offers a cleaning service for your apartement. 25 €. If the apartment is returned in an unsatisfactory condition, the sum of 80 € will be deducted from your security deposit

question1-ville-rose-immobilierIs Housing Insurance mandatory for my stay ? 

Yes, although the owner is already insured for his own good, you must, as a tenant, have

comprehensive home insurance. Ville Rose Immobilier offers you a Home insurance for 3€ per

per month per stay! See section: Stay safe with liability insurance

question1-ville-rose-immobilierIf I cancel my rental booking what are my liabilities? 

If you cancel 31 days or more before your arrival date, your deposit will be refunded in full less an administration fee of 50€

If you cancel between 30 and 8 days before your arrival date, your complete deposit is forfit.

If you cancel 7 days or less before your arrival date, your deposit is forfit and the balance of the monies for the full period of your booking becomes due.

The amount of money to be returned or due depends on the date that the notice of cancellation is received in writing at our office. Please note, telephone cancellations will not be taken into account

Ville Rose Immobilier must be notified by fax or email.

It is possible to leave before the end of your contract with a minimum of 30 days notice. The price of your stay will be recalculated according to the current price list. The difference will be refunded only if a new tenant can be found for the apartment.